SMT Line 1

 1. Visual Automatic Tin Printing Machine
 2. SONY G-2000MK7 Chip Mounter
 3. Two SONY SI-F130WK Chip Mounters
 4. JUKI KE-2060L Chip Mounter
 5. ETC NE06-102M40 Nitrogen Lead-free Reflow Oven

SMT Line 1 : Production Line and Equipment

This line consists of a tin printing machine, 
four chip mounter, and a reflow oven.

DEK tin printing machine
Printing accuracy: 0.01 mm 

SONY G-2000MK7 Chip Mounter

JUKI KE-760 Multifunctional Machine
Part size: 0603~32mm
Speed: 0.7 sec/point

ETC NE06-102M40 
Nitrogen Lead-free Reflow Oven

JUKI KE-2060L Chip Mounter